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The Fiji Airways Virtual Expirence is Here


Fiji Airways Virtual Welcomes You

An experience that won't be forgotten

Fiji Airways Virtual

A Group with a Common Passion

Fiji Airways Virtual was founded in 2022 after a group of individuals decided to turn their shared interests into an official Virtual Airline. We here at Fiji Airways Virtual wanted to share our passion with the others. Flying for Fiji would be realistic along with exciting. So why have you not applied yet?

CEO Message

Hi, I am the CEO IF_California. I am a southern California based Aviation enthusiast. I have been playing IF since early 2020. I have always wanted to be a CEO because those were some of the first people that accepted me when I first came to IF. I didn't have people to fly with before VAs let me in. I have partnered with a popular IF Youtuber ,

Southwest2115, to create this enjoyable space.

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